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Wed, Jan 18, 2017
We are truly here to make a series that appeals to what our core base of riders want! We heard 4 things loud and clear from last year. 1) many riders work on Saturdays, 2) more races, 3) too hot in the summer to race, and 4) allow drops because we all have other commitments but still want to compete in a series!
Tue, Feb 16, 2016
Sorry to say it rained for 2 hours today. Track just isn't workable for Saturday and even more rain due in on Sunday!

2017 South Fork Outlaw Series dates are:
- March 12, April 2, May 7, May 28,
- Sept 3, Oct 15, Nov 5, and Nov 26.
Tue, Apr 7, 2015

A/B 85cc and up bikes - Tripling the Loch Ness at the back of the park is optional but the majority of the riders do.

C/D 85cc and up bikes - No rider is permitted to triple the Loch Ness at the back of the park. You must roll or double this jump. This class is for 85cc and larger bikes.

50/65cc Bikes - Class is comprised of 50/65cc bikes only (no training wheels allowed). Parents may follow beginner 50/65cc riders on pit bikes only. Parent must sign waiver and wear a helmet. Parents cannot follow kids on large bikes.


First 30 minutes is generally open to A/B/C/D 85cc and up riders. Riders not jumping the Loch Ness should single it on the right hand side or go around it on the right side in the water truck lane and re-enter the track at the backside of the jump.

We will start rotating the Beginner class between 10:30 and 10:45 then the A/B class and then the C/D class every 15 minutes.

Beginner 50cc riders can also practice in the starting gate area. There is no joyriding allowed outside the fenced in track area other than coming to or leaving the appropriate practice session.

There is no joyriding in the front field, on the roadways, or the back parking lot area. There is pit riding only to the track entrance and back to your vehicles.

Wed, Oct 29, 2014
$450 for a Monday or Friday for up to 20 riders as an open practice. Each additional rider over 20 is $20. 50 and 65cc riders must run their own practice sessions. Split practices are the responsibility of the renting party. We will announce and operate organized practice sessions for an additional $90. Track will be fully prepped and watered just like a weekend practice day. You must prepay via Paypal or check (with enough time for it to fully clear both banks). You must cancel by 8 pm the previous night to get a refund. If it is obvious the weather is going to ruin the track, you would get a full refund.

Generally, we do not rent the track on weekends or Tuesday through Thursday except by special circumstance so you would need to contact me privately.   Read more...
Mon, Oct 20, 2014
Buy a 12 month membership card for $25. With membership, rider can ride any Saturday or Sunday for $25 per class or ride both Saturday AND Sunday for $40 per class. Rocky Mountain will send a $10 gift card for each membership and $10 per rider per month if you ride at the park that month.

Non-membership ride price is $35 per day and you do not get Rocky Mountain gift cards or multi-day discounts.

No spectator fee for practice weekends. If entering the track area though, you must sign waiver at the sign-up trailer. Anyone entering the track assumes the same risk as any rider whether they have signed or not signed the waiver.

When you pay to ride at the sign-in trailer, you will receive a band. Place the band around the left side of your helmet's chin guard. Wrap it tightly and it won't get in the way. If you wear it on your wrist or bar bad, you will be stopped to show it each time you go out on the track. If you have multiple bands showing, you will be stopped.

Free camping. We have electric on first come first served basis at the front of the park. It is $10 per night for 20 or 30 amp service. It is $15 per night for 50 amp service. If you plan to camp near our camper, plan on paying for electrical service. I bear the generators on race weekends because there is no choice but on practice weekends I don't want any generators running within 100' of my camper. smile emoticon
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2016 Schedule

Open Practice Days

South Fork will be open most weekends throughout the year. Track is open from 10am to 5pm. Sign-up open at 9am. Follow SF News above or “Like” South Fork MX on Facebook for the latest information. Camping is permitted but schedule ahead. No gate fee on open practice days. SF RIDER'S CARD REQ'D for open practice days (costs $25 for 12 months).

Race Days

May 28
Outlaw Series – non-AMA

June 25
Outlaw Series – non-AMA

July 9
Outlaw Series – non-AMA

Aug 13
Outlaw Series – non-AMA



Effective immediately, personal checks will no longer be accepted at South Fork.

South Fork Competition Park is managed and operated by South Fork Riders Association LLC, a Virginia-based LLC.

Mid-Atlantic Fallen Riders Foundation
AMA Sanctioned
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